Len'en Ten'eisenkiConnecting Chain of the Heaven and Shadow War Record

~ Brilliant_pagoda_or_haze_castle

Spring has come to Mugenri!
Flower-viewing! Booze!! WAR!!!
The skies are blanketed in sound and light, bullets and smoke.
Here, a bloodless war game has broken out!

The (self-proclaimed) New Emperor sets out to learn the true nature of this war, with an aspiring pirate and a pumpkin in tow!

All that aside, there seems to be a strange rumor spreading throughout the streets.

  “When sake is poured into the vessel of the skies, and cheap ideas and pride are blended in, the mirror of Heaven shall surely split.”

Dunno what the heck that actually means, but…
"Mirror-splitting?" As in, cracking open a cold one?
"Well, we sure as heck can't ignore that!" Thus, a pack of rowdy drunkards sets out!

Plus some other guys set out for such-and-such reasons, too!

This somewhat jumbled and boisterous random improv danmaku shmup,
filled to the brim with characters and danmaku alike, is hereby complete! (About time...)

 The fourth entry in the Len’en series,
 “Brilliant pagoda or haze castle”,
 is a bullet hell shoot-em-up with lots of random elements.
 Purchasing upgrades and skills allows for slow but steady growth,
 so even those who are bad at bullet hells should be able to clear it.
 Should be… yeah… (thousand-yard stare)

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