Len'en ReiretsudenConnecting Chain of Raging Spirit Tales

   ~ Reactivate_majestical_imperial

 The winter that came to visit Mugenri this year seems to be much colder compared to the average year.
 Plus, there’s all these spirits floating about. There’s gotta be some kind of reason for this!
 Many questions are racing about in people’s heads: Who is the mastermind?
 Who’s gonna get a beating? Are you even gonna bother?
Who will suffer a loss, and who will reap the benefits?
 The heck’s with this incident, anyway?

 And more importantly, can these small birds endure the winter?
Or will they hibernate?

 The third entry in the Len’en series,
 “Reactivate majestical imperial”, is yet another you-know-what kinda style bullet hell shoot-em-up
 where a bunch of gender-ambiguous weirdos get up to some wacky shenanigans.
 I thought I’d try making it a bit less difficult this time around. How’d I do?

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