Len'en MugenriConnecting Chain of the Unreal Village

   ~Evanescent Existence

 "Mugenri," a land that doesn't exist in reality.
 Lost in this bizarre land is a pack of equally bizarre fools.
 Once they've slipped through the obstacles and barriers that separate this world,
 could the land beyond become their personal Shangri-la...?

 Well, at any rate, this is basically doomed to be a total mess.

 The first(?) entry in the Len'en series,
 "Evanescent Existence," is a you-know-what kinda style bullet hell shoot-em-up
 where a bunch of gender-ambiguous weirdos get up to some wacky shenanigans.
 I wanted to make it beginner-friendly, but it still got kinda out of hand, so brace yourself when playing! ♪

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Trick Nostalgie

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